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In the company I work for we’ve been going through a quite intensive hiring process. As the company is growing, it also requires some extra hands in every project. Our base development stack is:

  • Angular for the frontend (usually the latest version)
  • HTML5, SCSS, Material, Bootstrap or any other frontend…

How to make your Angular SPAs speak "well" with legacy libraries

Most systems that provide certain features that are commonly used, also provide some kind of integration. Let's say that graphics and charts library, documented in old-plain legacy JavaScript (< ES5), with old styled HTML &<script> code, just to include a bar chart. Or some site that allows visitors buy event…

Why you shouldn’t use status 200 for nearly everything

This is a conversation I’ve had many times, and it usually ends up in an argue because it’s highly opinionated.

The use case

Let’s say you have an API running on some web server, doesn’t matter which one. There’s a login endpoint and some other resources that can’t be accesible unless you have…

and how to overcome them

A few months ago, our CTO came back from his vacations and told us he assisted to NG Conf 2019. A great experience that lead him to this conclusion:

"We should develop as Google, using a monorepo"

(curiously this is very similar to NWRL.io's slogan).

At first, as a senior…

Jose I Santa Cruz G

Polyglot senior software engineer at QuePlan.cl , amateur guitar & bass player, geek, husband. Not precisely in that order.

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